Lenny Kravitz and Sean Lennon

Four-time Grammy ® Award winner Kravitz, a collaborator and mentor for Lennon since they played at a John Lennon tribute concert in the Eighties, gets comfortable in conversation through their shared experiences of music, childhood with celebrity parents, and an appreciation of the power of positivity in creativity.  Lennon’s detailed research and off the beaten path questions leads to some unexpected revelations including Kravitz’s early days classically trained in the California Boys Choir, his range of influences beyond the expected Sixties sounds from the Carpenters to Gladys Knight, his high school Bowiesque musical alter ego, the role family played throughout his career, and his current work as a designer of everything from chandeliers to cameras.  Plus, his longtime collaboration with Craig Ross and the process behind Kravitz’s 11thself-produced studio album, Raise Vibration. Filmed at the Triad Theater in New York City.

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